Accelerate Pro - $2500/mo for 3 months

This twelve-week program is designed for high-touch, high-relational small businesses with a small sales or marketing team that may not be achieving desired results. If you find yourself wearing too many hats and crucial processes are stuck in key personnel's heads rather than documented, this program is tailored for you.

Here's an overview of what's in the program:

  • Week 1-3: What-Who-How
    • What = Solution and Service
    • Who = Audience Targeting and Segmenting
    • How = Methodology and Service Delivery
  • Week 4: Refinement & Rehearsal
    • Messaging and Pitch Development
  • Week 5-6: CRM Fundamentals
    • Lead and Source Pipeline Development
  • Week 7: Initiate CRM
  • Week 8: First Cycle CRM Clean Up
  • Week 9: Proposals & Agreements
  • Week 10: Negotiation & Conversion
  • Week 11: Curriculum Adjustments
  • Week 12: Wrap-up and Review

How the program is delivered:

The program is delivered weekly via Zoom sessions, ensuring direct interaction and guidance. Additionally, you'll receive supplementary consulting materials and support via Notion and email to address specific needs and questions as they arise.

Required Tools:
  • CRM - I prefer Pipedrive* but you can use any platform you prefer
  • Notion - all-in-one workspace. I can easily pop templates and documents into your workspace.
    Try Notion here*

*Affiliate commission links.

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